Women and Depression

  • Depression is an illness that will affect from 20%-25% of all women at some point in their lives
  • Untreated depression can lead to a number of health and relationship problems, including pregnancy complications
  • Symptoms of depression include 2 weeks or more of depressed mood or loss of pleasure in usual activities as well as three or more of the following:
    • sleep problems
    • appetite problems
    • inability to concentrate
    • excessive feelings of guilt or worthlessness
    • thoughts of suicide
    • fatigue/loss of energy
    • extreme restlessness.
  • Depression is treatable; proper treatment can relieve symptoms of depression in up to 80% of the cases

Depression impacts twice as many women as men. Nearly one-quarter of all women will experience depression at some point in their lives. Those statistics are due in part to the biological changes women encounter at different stages of life, such drops in estrogen levels following childbirth or with the onset of menopause. Depression may be more likely to affect a woman at a particular time of her life, such as during pregnancy, after giving birth, or during menopause, or even at different phases of her menstrual cycle.